A Long-Weekend Family Camper Jeep Road Trip in Lander Wyoming

Whenever we see a long weekend coming, we always feel the urge for a family road trip. There is no long-weekend wasting here; there’s more to do and explore than we have time for. We’ll either set on discovering a new place or visiting one of our favorite spots, bringing good friends along, meeting new people or running into people we know, because it is a small world after all. In this land, it’s always the optimal season for something, and more often than not, it’s the ideal season for more than one outdoor activity. You just need to go a little south, a little north, a little higher… This October, it’s full climbing mode and within a 6-hour drive of Salt Lake City, the number of world-class climbing areas abound. (see for yourself on Mountain Project)

We set for Lander, WY for a 1st visit. 3 boys, 4 parents, 1 grandma, 1 dog, 2 Jeeps and 1 van. We set up camp just before dark upon arrival and study the guidebook in order to plan our first climbing day. The kids want to start, of course, with the hard project right at our campsite, a good excuse to avoid helping with breakfast… The project proves to be really hard, so we head to Wild Iris Main Wall, a 15-minute walk from our setup. It ends up being a very warm mid-October day and we even have to send someone to fetch water early afternoon. We almost have the crag to ourselves and we get A LOT done. The short routes are perfect for such a large group.

The next day, we head for OK Corral, the crag just behind the campsites. It’s much closer than what we expected, with good quality routes. But it’s more crowded today and it’s more difficult to all climb in the same area. We naturally split into pairs and climb more or less, depending on our mood. With the campsite so close, we feel we can go “home” to eat, rest, hang out anytime we want. I’m having a great climbing day with my son but it’s getting late, chilly and we’re eating out tonight. The tents on the Jeeps are already down when we get to the campsite, so we just have to hop on. Pizzas and burgers at Lander Bar/Gannett Grill are most welcome and appropriate after such a long day! Climbers meet cowboys atmosphere. We’ll be back!

Our last climbing window ends up being so cold and windy that we all have to accept that it’s the end of this trip. We have only explored a fraction of the climbing potential around Lander, WY. We didn’t do much off-roading this time, except to access our campsites at Wild Iris. We’re planning on going back with the Jeeps to explore more climbing areas, some only accessible with 4×4 vehicles.

If you’d like to know more about Lander and Wyoming in general, the Office of Tourism webpage is a great place to start. We’d also be happy to answer your questions. You can email us at info@canyonrecreation.com