Frequently Asked Questions

We hope we can help answer some of your questions here. If not, please don’t hesitate to contact us Looking forward to hearing from you.

General Vehicle Rental Questions

I don’t have car insurance. Can I still rent a vehicle?

Yes. We offer an optional, temporary insurance policy to cover physical damages to the vehicle and third-party liability.

What if I miss my trip and have to cancel?

No charge will be incurred if the reservation is cancelled 48 hours before the scheduled start of the rental. Cancellations less than 48 hours of the start of the rental will be charged a 1-day rental at the going rate.

Help! My trip is around the corner and the website says no availability.

If you need a car for a period of time and our website shows no availability, give us a call or email us! Sometimes we can find a way to work around our current reservations to free up a ride for you.

Do I need to fill the gas tank at the end of the rental?

Vehicles will be delivered with full tanks. If you’re too busy enjoying every minute of your day and don’t have time to fill it up, we’ll take care of it. Just be aware that you will be charged per gallon, at a disclosed rate.

Can you deliver at the airport?

We do not deliver at the Salt Lake City International Airport. There are many transportation options available from the airport (taxi, shuttle companies or transportation network companies)  and we offer the option of arrange your ride to and from our office in Midvale, 15 minutes south of the airport.

How many people / pets fit in your jeeps?

All vehicles have seatbelts for five people. The Jeeps can fit up to 4 campers and the Broncos are limited to 3. While we welcome your fuzzy, four-legged (or no-legged) family member, any necessary cleaning (pet hair or, ahem, “gifts”) will result in an additional fee.

What is the minimum renter age?

Drivers must be a minimum of 21 years old and be able to provide proof of personal vehicle insurance that covers a rental vehicle. Extra coverage can be purchased by drivers over 25 years old. Additional drivers can be added at no cost but every driver must sign a rental agreement and provide their driver license and personal information.

Can I pay with cash?

Rentals must be reserved with a valid credit card in the name of the cardholder.

Camping Questions

I've never been camping before. Can I do this?

We’d love to be part of your first and memorable camping experience. There is no reason we shouldn’t be but we’d like your trip to be nothing but enjoyable. We’d recommend having someone on your trip who has camping experience. We’ll be happy to show you how everything we provide works but you’ll be on your own during your trip.

Do you provide training on the equipment?

Yes, and we insist that we do. We’ll show you and have you put the tent up and down, we’ll go over the equipment that we provide and how to make the best use of it. In 15 to 30 minutes, you’ll be set to go. During your trip, you can always call us if you need information about the equipment.

Do you offer guided trips?

We don’t offer them directly but we’ll be happy to contact our partners and put you in touch with the best person for the type of trip you have in mind. You’ll be assured to explore some of the best utah backroads, with peace of mind.

How many people can sleep and travel in a camper vehicle?

The tents sleep up to 3 adults or 2 adults + 2 children comfortably. With the camping equipment and your personal luggage, 4 passengers (2 adults – 2 children) is the recommended maximum number for the Jeep and 3 passengers the maximum recommended for the Broncos. For parties of 4 adults, we recommend renting a second vehicle.

We hear Utah is a great place for biking. Do you supply bike racks?

Unfortunately, our vehicles no longer accommodate convenient bike racks.